BIO 2019: Major International Pharma and Biotech Business Partnering, Exhibition and Conference

Date and Time

3rd Jun 2019 | 00:00 - 6th Jun 2019 | 20:00


Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St


This note is to inform you of the support available through Scottish Enterprise (SE) and Scottish Development International (SDI) at BIO 2019.  As the format of BIO changes each year, I advise you to access the website for full details of what’s on offer and the options available to you:

SDI offer

SDI is offering three packages for BIO 2019.  Please read the following information carefully before making your choice.

This year there will be a charge for companies joining the Scottish delegation.  This is consistent with SDI practice at international exhibitions across all sectors.  A discount is available for companies joining the Scottish BIO delegation for the first (50% discount) or second time (25% discount).  Please contact your SDI Trade Advisor or Connie Ness ( to discuss available discounts.

Please note, there will be no additional SDI subvention towards attendance at BIO 2019; however, TAP funding may be available to eligible companies through BioPartner UK (see below).

Package 1: Scottish delegation – cost £500

Companies participating as part of the Scottish delegation will benefit from the following:

  • Two exhibitor passes (worth $650)
  • Access to the Scotland pavilion where your company logo will appear on our graphic panels and SDI staff will be available to field enquiries and provide additional support during the event.
  • Space for participating companies to exhibit promotional materials.
  • Use of the networking space on the Scotland pavilion and access to a bookable private meeting room.
  • Additional exposure as part of SDI’s BIO 2019 promotional campaign, including social media activity.
  • An invitation to you and your guests to attend the Scottish networking reception at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia (see below for further details).

Package 2: Scottish delegation and Exhibitor Booth Partnering – cost £1000

Companies will benefit from the following:

  • Scottish delegation package as outlined above:


  • Access to the BIO Exhibition from 10.00 am on Tuesday June 4th through to close of play on Thursday June 6th.
  • An Exhibitor Booth Partnering pass for partnering on the Scotland pavilion.

Exhibitor Booth Partnering passes are worth approximately $750 (pro-rated against the cost of a full partnering pass). Exhibitor Booth Partnering allows access to the same official BIO Partnering website; however, meetings take place on the Scotland pavilion.  Please note that the time available for partnering is slightly reduced with this option and meetings can only be scheduled during hours when the Exhibition Hall is open: 10.00 am start each day from Tuesday, through to close of play Thursday.

There are a limited number of Exhibition Booth Partnering passes available and these will be allocated on a first come/first served basis.

Package 3: Scottish delegation with Exhibitor Booth Partnering and dedicated company Pod space on the Scotland pavilion – £3100 (including VAT)

If you are interested in this option, we recommend that you contact BioPartner UK as there is limited UK-wide funding available for this event via the Trade Access Programme (TAP).  Please contact BioPartner UK for information on how to apply for TAP funding:   Lin Bateman at BioPartner UK may also be able to assist:

As noted above, SDI is offering a discount to first-time or second-time particpants; however, should you be successful in securing TAP funding additional SDI discounts will not apply.

Companies exhibiting via a Pod will benefit as follows:

  • Scottish Delegation and Exhibitor Booth Partnering package as outlined above


  • Dedicated Pod including a small poster panel, name board, lockable cupboard, 1 power socket, 1 literature rack, 1 high stool & 1 laptop lock (companies to provide laptop).
  • Company details listed in the official Exhibitor directory and BIO website

There are eight Pods available on the Scottish Pavilion and these will be allotted on a first come basis.  We would request that where possible you are present at your Pod for some of the time to engage with passing trade.  You are also encouraged to alert targeted companies to your presence on the pavilion.

Networking Reception – Please SAVE THE DATE of this reception in your schedule.

Scottish Networking Reception will take place on Tuesday, June 4th from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia:

Venue:  The Racquet Club of Philadelphia is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia at 215 South 16th Street.

This event is a great opportunity to network at BIO and have fun at the same time!  The evening will begin around 6.45/7.00 pm and finish around 9.00 pm.  In addition to a selection of fine malt whiskies, we will be serving wine/beer/soft drinks and finger food.

Please remember the reception belongs to you, the Scottish organisations, and we encourage you to invite two/three of your own guests.  We will provide specially designed ‘formal’ invitations which you can send on by personalised e-mail.  We would ask you to supply names of respondents in order that we have an indication of how many people are likely to attend.  We anticipate catering for around 150 guests.

Hotel Accommodation

As always, you are advised to access BIO Housing on the website and book your accommodation as soon as possible. The hotels are selling out very quickly.

BIO2019 Registration Packages

Outside of the SDI offer you should access ‘Registration’ options through the BIO Website to see what is available

e.g. Full Convention Access and Partnering: this option allows access to all that BIO has to offer, including seminars, key notes and receptions.  However, it is the most expensive at $2900 for a non-member.

Registration opened at the end of January and the Early Bird Rates end on April 12th 2019.  This is very important and could save you a significant amount of money: SDI Registration of Interest

Please register your interest in participating at BIO2019 with the following Form – an official application form will then be forwarded to you.

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