Precision Medicine

Scotland’s unique health infrastructure along with significant strengths in longitudinal patient databases, genomics, informatics, imaging and artificial intelligence is enabling the rapid development and delivery of data-driven healthcare solutions and, as a result, Scotland has established a world-leading centre for Precision Medicine.

The global precision medicine market is estimated to rise to $134bn by 2025 from $43bn in 2016 due to its critical role in tailoring medical treatments to each patient’s characteristics, ultimately helping to treat people quickly and more effectively and Scotland is creating some of the world’s leading collaborations in driving the adoption of precision medicine.

Through an active collaboration of academics, healthcare professionals and industry across the country, Scotland’s Precision Medicine Ecosystem provides industry with access to high quality data assets and leadership in data-driven healthcare including: 

  • A production-ready informatics platform tailored for complex genomic research programmes and operational delivery
  • Rapid access to trial-ready populations 
  • The simple, cost-effective set up and delivery of collaborative multi-site precision medicine projects 
  • Enhanced data management services for geographically dispersed and heterogeneous datasets
  • Easy recruitment of participants using deep phenotype, genotype and diagnosis for studies of all types with future unspecified analyses
  • Data management within a strong information governance framework that supports emerging regulatory approval 

Active collaboration initiatives across Scotland include The Scottish Genomes Partnership, a £15 Million collaboration between Illumina and the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, AstraZeneca’s global genomics initiative and ongoing projects in Alzheimer’s Disease, COPD, Multiple Sclerosis, NASH, Oncology and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Scotland already has an established company base with proven expertise in delivery of Precision Medicine projects including Aridhia, Fios Genomics and REPROCELL.


Realising the Clinical Potential of Precision Medicine Innovation 

The Precision Medicine Scotland-Innovation Centre (PMS-IC ) enables the development of new products and services and, through the Scottish Precision Medicine Ecosystem, connects Scotland’s academic, clinical and industry expertise to accelerate the adoption of Precision Medicine.  PMS-IC provides industry with access to world-leading clinical expertise, health data, healthcare informatics, bioinformatics & analytics expertise.  

Based at the heart of healthcare at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) in Glasgow, PMS-IC is a unique collaboration comprising the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen; NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Grampian, NHS Lothian and NHS Tayside; and the key business partners, global biotechnology company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and biomedical informatics company, Aridhia Informatics.

Find out more and contact the PMS-IC team via the Precision Medicine Scotland website


A Living Lab

In 2020, The University of Glasgow was recognised by the UK government for the UK Research and Innovation’s flagship Strength in Places Fund and awarded £38M to deliver a game-changing precision medicine project by creating The Living Lab – an internationally leading project focused on translating cutting-edge science and innovation into a real world clinical setting.

Led by the University of Glasgow team who set up the rapid response Lighthouse Lab COVID-19 testing facility in Glasgow, the Living Lab is made possible by a consortium of public and private partners, who have come together to develop and deliver this ambitious vision. The Living Lab partners are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd, Siemens Healthcare Ltd, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, Bioclavis, Aridhia, MR Coiltech Limited, Glasgow Science Centre, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City Council, Kadans Science Partner UK Ltd, Precision Medicine Scotland and iCAIRD Ltd.

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