Connect To Scotland’s Healthcare Service

As the National Health Service responds to the growing healthcare needs of the nation and the increasing urgency for new efficiencies within the services it delivers, developing diagnostics, therapeutics and patient monitoring devices that add proven and demonstrable value to the patient pathway has become essential for industry.  

NHSScotland and Scotland’s Industry Leadership Group recognise this and, in the spirit of the mission to ensure patients have access to both existing and new, innovative treatments, products and services, are developing strategies that drive innovation, evaluation and adoption of the most appropriate innovations.  NHSScotland continues to work in close collaboration with industry and has a number of mechanisms in place to facilitate the direction of innovation required by the NHS and the research and evaluation required to realise this.

Find out more about:

Scottish Health Industry Partnership (SHIP) – working with industry to support innovation activities in health and social care

Healthcare Innovation support – including Innovation Test Beds and the Health Innovation Assessment Portal

Healthcare Research – including Data Safe Havens and Biorepository services 

Evaluating Health Innovations – for medicines and health technology