Imaging & Diagnostics

One of the most compelling and important applications of health technology and data-driven innovation is for the early detection of life-threatening conditions such as cancer and brain diseases.  The physical infrastructure that supports the development and evaluation of imaging and diagnostic innovation in Scotland has been designed and located to connect industry to academia and health professionals to maximise the clinical impact of new technology.

As a result, this infrastructure that connects industry to academia and health professionals continues to create companies developing products used to diagnose or monitor conditions via imaging, non-imaging technologies and in vitro testing equipment all of which better enable health professionals to determine the state of health in order to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease. 


iCAIRD (Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital Diagnostics)

iCAIRD is a world-class centre of excellence focusing on the application of artificial intelligence to digital diagnostics. The centre brings together partners from academia, NHSScotland and industry, including Canon Medical Research Europe and NVIDIA. It aims to unite innovative SMEs and experts to solve healthcare challenges more quickly and efficiently. 

Located at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow – the largest acute hospital in Western Europe, iCAIRD provides expert advice on projects and concepts, high-performance AI training infrastructure and support to navigate regulatory pathways. There’s also the opportunity to test and validate algorithms within the clinical workflow and access high-quality, secure data – all in a timely and affordable manner.


Edinburgh Imaging

For industry and commercial collaborators, Edinburgh Imaging specialises in optimising trials involving imaging, image analysis & processing, managing image throughput, distribution & reporting and can help train employees.  Through consultancy advice and clinical trial support, Edinburgh Imaging integrates The University of Edinburgh’s research imaging capabilities with NHS Lothian clinical diagnostic services and delivers highly specialised & high volume imaging output, novel imaging research processes and products and imaging trial data.


Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) 

The Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) in Glasgow hosts world leading brain imaging clinical research facilities, connecting academic, NHS and industrial expertise.  ICE was developed by the University of Glasgow in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and is located at the heart of academia and healthcare on the site of the Queen Elizabeth teaching hospital.   Most notably, researchers are able to access a 7 Tesla (7T) MRI scanner, an ultra-high resolution scanner which is the first of its kind fully integrated within a clinical site in the UK underpinned by world-leading clinical expertise in stroke, cardiovascular disease and brain imaging.


Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre

The Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre creates new imaging techniques to better understand health and disease with research projects covering dementia, cardiology, stroke, ageing and rheumatology.  The centre is part of a worldwide network of leading researchers, has close industry connections with Philips Health Systems and provides state-of-the-art capabilities to the biomedical imaging research community.