Digital Process and Manufacturing

The increasing need to find cost efficiencies in the production of therapeutics combined with a new sense of urgency to secure national supply chains and achieve net zero carbon emissions is leading to a renaissance in manufacturing within the pharmaceutical industry.   With the latest innovations in digitalisation and continuous manufacturing and an abundance of high profile collaborations with world-leading pharmaceutical companies, Scotland is at the forefront of designing and testing new ways of approaching the processes and manufacturing systems that underpin the industry. 


Innovation in Manufacturing Medicines

The UK’s first Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC) is headquartered in Scotland and will be a unique and world-leading facility focusing on:

  • Small molecule and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Speeding the development of next-generation medicines
  • Increasing technology opportunities within the medicines supply chain.

Industry, academia, healthcare providers and regulators will work collaboratively to address industry challenges and de-risk new technologies, providing a clear pathway for the widespread adoption of new medicines.

Companies of all sizes will be able to use the facilities located next to Glasgow airport to evaluate, test and prototype processes using an array of advanced technologies including continuous, digital and autonomous manufacturing. The centre will use next-generation technology to produce drugs more efficiently and meet the health challenges of now, and the future, by bringing new medicines to market safely and quickly.


Continuous Manufacturing

The value of continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate production, reduce stock held and lower the carbon footprint is clear.  Based at the heart of the Innovation District in Glasgow, CMAC is a world-class international hub for manufacturing research and training and has been driving innovation for over a decade.

Working in partnership with industry, CMAC’s purpose is to transform current manufacturing processes into the medicine supply chain of the future.  Developed through close collaboration with industry and the support of its Tier 1 partners, which includes GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche and Takeda, CMAC now works with dozens of pharmaceutical companies to revolutionise the way pharmaceuticals and high value products are made through  conducting world class research in continuous manufacturing and advanced crystallisation and developing new solutions to company specific problems.


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