Scottish Health and Industry Partnership

The Scottish Health and Industry Partnership (SHIP) is an initiative hosted by the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of the Chief Medical Officer Directorate and the Enterprise and Innovation Division of the Economic Development Directorate.

It is aimed towards strengthening Scotland’s innovation activities in health and social care in order to solve real problems and improve quality, efficiency and sustainability of healthcare. SHIP will support Scotland’s economy through activities that strengthen its life sciences sector, attract investment into Scotland, develop large scale innovation projects and support the growth of robust businesses.

The overarching objectives for SHIP in 2021/22 are:

  1. Grow the economy – strengthening Scotland’s Life Science sector
  2. Support Remobilisation – accelerating the adoption of innovation into NHS and Social Care

There are 8 priority areas to be delivered:

  1. Outlining Innovation Priorities, Processes and Opportunities in Scotland:  Publish a ‘Scottish health and life sciences innovation Forward Plan’
  2. Supporting the Delivery of Scotland’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy:  Create a Life Sciences AI working group to deliver a cluster inception plan, and develop a case for investment in AI
  3. Supporting delivery of the Capital Investment Strategy:  Publish a Life science, health and social care investment plan
  4. Strengthening the life science cluster:  Supporting the Delivery of Logan Review by unlocking the potential of SME, digital, data and AI companies to deliver transformation alongside core sector growth plans
  5. Medicines and Vaccines: Supporting the delivery of NHS Pharmaceutical Functions and optimising innovative medicines and vaccines development
  6. Regulation:  Produce a plan to deliver effective regulatory support to Scottish companies and innovators
  7. UK Interface:  Strengthen links with UK innovation agencies in achieving all areas of programme development
  8. Global Presence:  Increase Scottish engagement with global innovation


An Oversight Group is in place and more information is available at

For more information please contact

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