Sustainable Production Group

The 2017 Life Sciences Strategy for Scotland – ‘2025 Vision’ aims to grow the industrial turnover of the life sciences sector to £8 billion by focusing on 4 strategic themes.

The Sustainable Production Group (SPG) is one of the dynamic workstreams formed within the Life Sciences Scotland (LSS) Industry Leadership Group and consists of members from the broader life sciences community to plan and coordinate the delivery of agreed actions under each strategic theme.

The Sustainable Production Group focuses on driving the priority areas of Digital, Innovation and Leadership within the strategy’s theme of Sustainable Production.


The digital sub-team aims to promote digital and data excellence to manufacturing process industries across Scotland by sharing best practice, creating education events, and developing thought leadership pieces for the Life Science Scotland website. These activities create positive impacts for manufacturers by:

  • Promoting digital automation and Industry 4.0 to improve operational performance
  • Demonstrating how digital plays a key role in transition to net zero
  • Making advanced data techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible and relevant to manufacturers, especially SMEs


The Innovation sub-team aims to advance innovation in sustainable manufacturing to process industries across Scotland in the following:

  • People – promoting environmental innovation in leadership training
  • Processes – showcasing innovation exemplars in sustainable manufacturing and their adoption
  • Products – developing collaboration opportunities for cross-sector innovation adoption
  • Promotion – sharing best practices through education events and thought leadership pieces for the Life
  • Science Scotland website


Leadership development is a key focus area to support both the Life and Chemical Sciences strategy implementation and delivery in Scotland. During a review of Leadership Development programmes in Scotland back in 2017, an opportunity was identified to create a programme which supported enhanced leadership capability of high potential, emerging leaders in Scotland in the Life and Chemicals Sciences sectors. An annual Leadership Masterclass Programme has been created which supports the development of critical leadership skills for this key group.

Leadership SPG

SPG Case Studies

Scotland is a hub for sustainable innovation in the Life Sciences. From novel use of bio-derived feeedstocks and low carbon manufacturing processes through to innovative service delivery and approaches to recycling and reuse, Scottish-based businesses and innovators are creating solutions as part of a Green Value Chain for a sustainable future.

Green Value Chain

The SPG aims to showcase innovation exemplars in sustainable manufacturing and promote their adoption. Our Green Value Chain concept connects case studies from across pharmaceuticals, healthtech and AAA across 8 stages of production. For a sample of some of these case studies please follow the link below.


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