Sustainable Production

Changing the environment for, and approach to, the production of Life Sciences products will enable more of the intellectual assets developed in Scotland to lead to production in Scotland. We will continue to support the delivery of the Life and Chemical Sciences Manufacturing strategy launched in September 2015, focusing on its four main priorities.


  • Leadership confidence and promoting manufacturing We will empower companies and their leaders to promote Scotland as a key international location for sustainable highvalue manufacturing. We will seek to develop a ‘product design to manufacture’ mindset and a comprehensive skills pipeline.
  • Research commercialisation, technology development and scale up We will work with stakeholders to improve Scotland’s innovation performance by reviewing existing support mechanisms and developing new ones.
  • Supply chains and re-shoring We will ensure access to key Scottish academic and technological expertise to solve industry issues. We will expand the provision of facilities based on industry needs and promote innovative manufacturing approaches.
  • Investing in Scotland We will support development of innovative supply chains. We will share best practice, knowledge and expertise between businesses, and build up Scotland’s services offering.

Theme leads

Clive Badman

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