LSS Company Directory

Whether you are looking for customers, suppliers, services or partners, the Life and Chemical Sciences Scottish Directory is your Gateway to over 1000 companies and organisations in the life and chemical sciences sector in Scotland. The directory does not only include companies but also academic organisations, research centres and trade associations.

You can either search the database by:

  • using keywords (e.g. business area, company name, specific activity…),
  • using the visual category based search,
  • and using the advanced category based search.

More detailed information about data, search capabilities and strategies are available on the help page.

If you are looking for some further support in finding business partners in Scotland or developing a business base in Scotland, please contact us.

This directory has been developed on behalf of the life sciences and chemical sciences communities in Scotland as represented by their industry leadership groups (Life Sciences Scotland and Chemical Sciences Scotland) with the support of Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Development International and the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Access the directory here: to explore opportunities for collaboration