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What the Brexit implementation period means for the life sciences sector

“The Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group, welcomes the intent of the UK Governments Technical paper dated 6th Aug.  It is hugely important that patient safety, continuity of supply of medicines and an understanding of how business can operate in the coming years is communicated such that planning can continue.  The Industry Leadership Group maintains its previously communicated position that for the Scottish Life Sciences community,  UK life sciences regulation should not diverge from EU regulation, ease of movement of our goods and supplies needs to continue tariff free, companies want experts and life sciences managers from the EU and overseas to be able to enter the UK and that the sector needs to continue to benefit from the excellent R&D relationships and collaborations.

Scotland is and will continue to be an important global asset in innovation and life science research and development. Our community is committed to working collaboratively, both domestically and internationally to enhance global wellbeing and scientific progress and discovery.”

David Scott, Senior Director, Tepnel Pharma Services and Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group.

To read the full technical governmental paper, click here. 

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