NiTech Solutions

Portable, Scalable Continuous Flow Units for Greener Manufacturing

Our simple, yet highly innovative, continuous flow technology meets today’s need for safer, greener, faster and cheaper manufacturing processes. Portable and scalable units are available as either independent components or as complete manufacturing systems.

NiTech Solutions works with clients (directly and through its partners) to explore how the novel technology can improve their own processes. We can tailor the crystallizers/reactors to meet a range of requirements for temperature, pressure, anti-corrosive properties and multi-feeding arrangements.

The technology is easily scalable to commercial production. NiTech Solutions can license the technology on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis

Our unique patented reactors and crystallizers are transforming the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and biotechnology.. They provide end-to-end reaction and crystallization solutions


Safer, Greener, Faster, Cheaper and Closer to End-User Demand

Supply chains have proved fragile and unfit for purpose during the pandemic. There have also been major changes in demand patterns, with some industries starting to see exponential growth and others disappearing. These issues are unlikely to disappear quickly, making it essential to rebuild supply chains on a local scale, close to end-user demand. The good news is that the costs of replacing existing infrastructure are relatively low, due to the ability to use advanced manufacturing technology.

Digital, continuous and biotech-enabled technology is proven to be safer, greener, faster and cheaper than traditional plants. In essence, our reactor technology allows kinetic (theoretical) reaction times obtained in labs to be delivered at pilot and full scale. This is due to the uniform mixing and plug flow achieved through the combination of fluid oscillation and baffle restrictions.

Our crystalliser technology delivers excellent mixing and temperature control in lab and pilot/full scale due to its ability to achieve uniform mixing, plug flow and superior heat transfer rate.

NiTech Solutions are currently working with leading organisations including Croda, Sanofi, Bayer, BASF, Corning, University of S Wales, Arkema


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