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The Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance 

ODx has a bold vision – to transform standards for care for people suffering from UTIs and reduce antimicrobial resistance – globally. The greatest challenge facing global health is the rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

A coordinated effort in pharma, diagnostics and frontline medicine is key to keeping our medicines working. After hundreds of hours talking with healthcare professionals from around the world, ODx recognise what is needed are the tools to support effective treatment decisions.

One of the most common bacterial infections that lead to antibiotic prescribing are patients presenting with Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Care providers have a difficult choice, prescribe antibiotics that could lead to increased resistance, or wait 3 days for laboratory results to confirm infection and antibiotic sensitivity.

Reducing the use of antibiotics where they are not required, and when necessary, ensuring that the selected antibiotics are going to be effective is a key part of the fight against AMR.

Reducing Antibiotic Prescribing through Point of Care Testing

Half of all women experience UTIs at least once in their lifetime.

By providing a rapid UTI test at the point of care ODx technology will offer healthcare providers peace of mind that they can give their patient the right treatment, on the day that counts.  Patients can be confident that their symptoms will be improved with the first course of antibiotics, reducing the risk their infection will lead to complications such as urosepsis and hospitalisation.

Actuarial analysis shows our solution will make significant cost savings for healthcare providers & reduce avoidable pain & suffering from UTIs.

ODx is developing and commercialising technology that transforms how quickly antibiotic sensitivity tests are performed on clinical samples. We have focused our work on UTIs, being the largest market & a significant clinical challenge. Current delays in obtaining lab tests results in avoidable pain & excess prescribing of antibiotics.

The ODx test is made up of a small countertop instrument and disposable cartridge that requires a small urine sample. It identifies if there is bacterial growth in the sample and which antibiotics were successful in inhibiting growth.

Diagnosing Infection through Scattered Light Technology

The ODx technology is based on a very simple premise. If something is growing, it moves – and through scattered light, that growth can be measured to distinguish infection both in the presence and absence of antibiotics.

Our development teams have worked hard to ensure that we design a point of care device that maintains the simplicity of the initial research while ensuring it robustly compares with the gold standard culture and sensitivity tests that healthcare providers trust.

We have maintained strong links with healthcare throughout development to ensure that the time to result fits with patient workflows, the machine is easy to use and maintain, and that it is affordable for clinics to adopt.

ODx employs 50 staff and works with an additional ~30 advisors and experts across three continents.

Our development partner TTP in Cambridge have been instrumental in the early stages of development. We have clinical partners in the UK & US and benefit from a partnership with a top 6 global diagnostics company.

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