Dynescan: lab-quality measurements of semen quality on the farm to improve the sustainability of livestock production

Conception rates in cattle have fallen by 20% over the past 40 years leading to longer intervals between calving. If we help farmers return conception rates to their original levels, methane emissions may be reduced by 7.5%Improving conception rates is a significant step toward helping the world meet the COP26 target of reducing methane emissions by 2030.

Dyneval provides precise measurement of semen quality using portable equipment. Dynescan’s innovative technology originates from a novel approach to calculating the motility of microorganisms by measuring the speed of fluctuations of light intensity passing through a sample. This enables users to extract key parameters describing the percentage progressive motility and mean speed of spermatozoa. Initial data shows that the Dynescan provides lab-quality measurements at the farm and can help predict the likely outcomes for conceptions.

Our goal is for the Dynescan to become the experts’ choice for semen motility measurement, useable by anyone anywhere. This will allow all users in the livestock production industry to identify factors leading to poor fertility, such as nutrition, genetics and semen transport conditions.


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This technology supports Stage 7 (Health Impact Realisation) of the Green Value Chain.

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