New Drug Development for the treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

Medannex is developing a new drug (MDX-124) to treat a range of cancers and autoimmune diseases. These conditions affect millions of people worldwide and they are usually debilitating and often life-threatening. Since patients frequently become resistant to existing treatments, there remains an urgent need for novel therapies like ours.

Our goal is to help patients and their families by providing clinicians across the globe with a powerful new drug to extend and improve the lives of cancer patients and people living with autoimmune diseases.

A Unique Target for Anti-Cancer Activity

Our drug MDX-124 is a humanised monoclonal antibody with the potential to treat a wide range of conditions. For example, in extensive nonclinical testing it has shown multi-faceted anti-cancer activity – reducing cancer cell growth by up to 94%, significantly inhibiting the spread of cancer cells and activating immune cells to attack cancer cells directly.

MDX-124 has a unique target – a protein called annexin-A1, which has a key function in the immune system. Although annexin-A1 is known to play a significant role in the development of numerous cancers and autoimmune diseases, this is the first time that it has been investigated therapeutically.

Driven by Global Industry-Academia Collaborations

Medannex is proud to be a collaborative company, drawing on expertise in Scotland from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and throughout the UK including long-standing partnerships with The University of Oxford, University College London and ARU, Cambridge. We also benefit from the advice of experts all over the world, from Mayo Clinic in the USA to Vall d’Hebron Institute, Barcelona.

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