Innovation in anti-infectives

Innovation & “a very different way of thinking” is at the core of NovaBiotics & the reason for our success; combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by developing first-in-class new medicines for medically unmet, socioeconomically significant infections

We specialise in unconventional ‘Smart Immunology’ based approaches to tackling infection and in doing so have engineered antifungal and antibacterial drug candidates with the potential to revolutionise the anti-infective industry.

Applying rational drug design to develop novel first in class antifungals and antibacterials

In nature, antimicrobial peptides (AMP) and aminothiols form the cornerstone of the body’s first line of defence against the spectrum of potentially harmful microbes with which we come into contact daily. Our core technology harnesses the beneficial properties of these natural infection-fighting agents and has created a totally novel class of potent, synthetic peptides and aminothiols as interventions or prevention in a range of fungal, bacterial and polymicrobial infections.

“At NovaBiotics, we have developed a new approach to antimicrobial drug design which has the benefit of reducing the time from science to clinical application.” Dr Deborah O’Neil, CEO/CSO

NovaBiotics technological and commercial approach has already been validated through successful development to phase II/III and securing commercial partnership agreements for its two lead compounds; Novexatin and Lynovex (oral).

NovaBiotics have benefitted from being based in the North East of Scotland (Aberdeen) with access – within an innately entrepreneurial culture – to a deep talent pool of college & life science graduates from two internationally leading Universities and Aberdeen’s research institutions. Collaborations with the local Universities have also played a part in the company’s R&D journey. NovaBiotics has added significant value to its cystic fibrosis R&D programmes by performing its initial clinical studies locally at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, one of Europe’s largest single site multi-specialty hospitals. Access to the wider pool of Scottish hospitals for ongoing clinical trials and the CRO/CMO expertise within Scotland has supported NovaBiotics drug development efforts. The NE Life science sector is thriving, attracting > £180m in equity funding raised in last 5 years, hosts >12 life science companies & employs >900 people (within academia & industry).

Since its inception in 2004, NovaBiotics has raised >£20m in equity & grant funding; the vast majority coming from Scottish backers & only more recently, from other UK-based institutional based investors. NovaBiotics has been the recipient of several awards, the most recent being the prestigious Scottish Enterprise Life Science Investment of the Year Award in 2016.

Conference attendance

NovaBiotics is recognised as a global leader in anti-infectives/AMR and are now on the international stage with invited participation to the key industry & scientific/medical events in the UK, Europe and the United States. NovaBiotics attends the annual BIO conference as part of the Scottish delegation