BioAscent Discovery Ltd

Supporting the Identification of Lead Compounds in Early Drug Discovery

Our customers tend to come to us at an early stage of the drug discovery project. They may come to us with a specific target in mind, or a problem that requires specialist expertise that they do not have in house.

For our integrated drug discovery customers, their projects may involve utilising our medicinal chemistry expertise; using our support in coming up with lead compounds in a certain target area; or gaining access to a particular assay where they need our expertise and techniques.

Customers also come to us for standalone services to help them with a specific stage of their project where they need the scientific expertise, influence and information to help advance their project.

Customers also come to BioAscent for our compound management services, which allow them to save costs and accelerate their drug discovery projects, or to access our in-house diversity and fragment libraries.

BioAscent’s customer base comprises mainly of biotechs, universities and academic groups. These customers tend to be at the early stage of their discovery project and work with contract research organisations like BioAscent to access skills and expertise that they do not have in house. The earlier they can involve us the better as we can help them to make the right decisions from an early stage as well as supporting them throughout the drug discovery phase.

Integrated Drug Discovery Service with a Global Customer Base

BioAscent’s scientists can support each key stage of the drug discovery process from de novo assay development, target analysis and bespoke screening strategies, compound screening, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, and compound management, all with access to BioAscent’s in-house diversity and fragment libraries.

Our team of expert scientists is experienced in successfully working from assay development through to preclinical and clinical candidates across all biological target classes and major therapeutic indications.

Our integrated drug discovery service brings together teams of chemists and bioscientists on a single site to work closely with customers from across the globe to understand what is required to help them reach their key project milestones and help maximise the chances of success.

As part of its compound management service, BioAscent currently holds and manages over 1 million compounds for our customers, in both liquid and solid formats. The company also has an extensive in-house diversity and fragment library of lead like compounds in screening-ready format.

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