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Scottish MedTech company Nebu~Flow secures £1.7m investment

Medical device specialist Nebu~Flow has secured an oversubscribed £1.7 million investment round led by Foresight Group aimed at furthering the commercialisation and delivery of next generation respiratory pharmaceuticals.

Nebu~Flow’s nebuliser has been developed to provide a number of advantages over existing technologies in a global nebuliser market valued at more than $1 billion. Overall, the worldwide inhalable drug market is estimated to be worth over $43 billion in 2022.   

The company was co-founded by CEO Dr Elijah Nazarzadeh to address the challenges in drug delivery for respiratory disorders, which are the main cause of death and disability worldwide.   Dr Nazarzadeh led research into the development and commercialisation of nebuliser technology at the University of Glasgow, before founding Nebu~Flow as a spin-out company in 2019. 

The company believes its technology could also potentially help deliver treatment in areas such as gene therapy, while improving outcomes for patients with life limiting conditions such as cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Science Creates Ventures, Ascension Life Science Fund, and SIS Ventures were among the participants in the investment.

Bill Yost, investment manager at Foresight, commented: “We are excited to announce our support for such a forward thinking and innovative business.”

Dr John Pritchard was recently appointed as Nebu~Flow’s chair.  He brings over 25 years’ of experience working with GSK, AstraZeneca, Philips, where he was involved in the delivery of multiple products to market, and received the Virginia Commonwealth University award for outstanding research and discovery in respiratory drug delivery in 2018. 

Dr John Pritchard, Chairman, Nebu~Flow, said: “Elijah leads a highly motivated team developing pioneering technology, positioned to make a significant impact in global markets, and I look forward to continuing to guide and support the company as it enters its next phase of growth.”    

Nebu~Flow plans to hire for a number of additional positions this year, including scientific, research, product design, and developer roles.  

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