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Scottish Health Technologies Group New Website

The Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG), part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, is excited to announce the launch of its new website (www.shtg.scot), making it easier for people to:

  • request SHTG support
  • Register an interest in being involved in a technology assessment
  • view SHTG published advice

The healthcare industry is a valuable partner within the HTA process.  SHTG and the healthcare industry have a shared desire to promote mutual awareness, understanding and common purpose in the process of assessing health technologies based on the needs of NHSScotland.


Across NHS Scotland, SHTG advice is

  • intended to inform effective, safe, patient focused and best value use of health technologies
  • .impartial and transparent; acting as an ‘honest broker’ to inform decision making.
  • underpinned by health technology assessment (HTA) methodology which uses explicit methods to determine the value of a health technology at different points in its lifecycle.

To find out more about how SHTG go about providing our advice, please visit the site and if you have any questions around the clinical and cost effectiveness of a technology in your area then please get in touch via:  his.shtg@nhs.scot

Link to website for full content: Scottish Health Technologies Group (shtg.scot)

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