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European Lead Factory reaches milestone of 200,000 novel compounds

Within a period of five years, the European Lead Factory (ELF) has reached one of its goals by completing the Public Compound Collection (PCC), comprising a commendable total of 200,000 novel compounds. The library production partners collaborated closely with the academic groups within ELF to reach this goal. The pan-European Public Chemistry Consortium is duly celebrating the achievement of this challenging objective.

Generating 200,000 innovative compounds from scratch

The European Lead Factory, a public-private partnership initiated by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), was established in 2013 to discover valuable lead candidates that were previously inaccessible – compounds that can result in the development of novel treatment options for patients. For the new biological space addressed, new chemical space needed to be explored. To achieve this, one key objective of ELF was to generate a library of 200,000 innovative compounds from scratch, through ELF’s own synthetic chemistry programme, which was supported by 7 SMEs and 11 academic partners – the Public Compound Collection.

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