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Doctors learn from student’s spinal tap

A University of Dundee Masters student has designed a model of a spinal tap deemed so realistic that it will now become standardised material for teaching the consultant physicians of the future.

Renske Hoste, a Medical Art student from the Netherlands, is getting under the skin of patients with her 3D model of a lumbar puncture – a common but invasive procedure which sees a thin needle inserted between the bones in the lower spine.

Her design, which is currently on display at the University of Dundee’s Masters Show 2019, will become core curriculum for all junior physicians in Scotland when it is rolled out this month.

Renske, whose design took almost 50 hours to complete, says she is thrilled it will play a part in the future of the NHS and says it will improve patient safety.

“I am delighted that trainers within the NHS are interested in my model,” Renske said.

“I made it with the purpose of informing those who used it and I hope it will come in handy for healthcare professionals intending to put lumbar punctures into practice.”

Dr Paul Fettes, Consultant Anaesthetist at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, said, “Renske’s design is an excellent resource and one that we intend to become standard for the teaching of future physicians.

“It will help future physicians to visualise the procedure, and improve their understanding.”

Renske’s lumbar puncture can be seen online or in-person this week at the University’s Masters Show 2019, one of Scotland’s most exciting displays of artistic talent. More than 80 students will showcase their work during the week, which runs until Sunday 25 August.

Those interested in seeing more of Renske’s medical art can do so by visiting her website or following her on Instagram @renske_medicalart.

The MSc Medical Art course at the University of Dundee is jointly run between the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) and the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art (DJCAD). Students on the course benefit from top-class art school and medical science facilities. Potential careers in Medical Art exist within the health services, e-learning, 3D model making, illustration and academia.

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