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CPI announces its SONNET webinar series to support SMEs creating IoT devices

CPI, an independent technology innovation centre and founding member of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, today announced a brand-new series of webinars as part of the Smart Connected Technology Innovation Programme, termed the “SONNET” project. This 3-part webinar series on Smart Packaging, MedTech devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) will provide SMEs with additional information and networking opportunities to further support the development of their novel IoT products.

The SONNET project is being hosted by CPI to develop applications for smart devices, digital technology and the wider digital economy. It will provide opportunities to collaborative partners, access to investment, an understanding of legislations, and the intellectual property requirements needed to take an idea to proposal. SONNET will offer funding to support SMEs, giving them access to CPI’s expertise and facilities to translate smart IoT concepts into commercially-viable products.

The SONNET 3-part webinar series will provide SMEs with additional, invaluable information to support the design, development, upscaling and potential market-seeding of their novel products within areas across smart packaging solutions, IoT hardware and connected medical devices. The three webinars will include:

  • Smart Packaging – How to track, trace and monitor goods in transit?
  • MedTech Devices – How will connected medical devices support better outcomes?
  • Applications of Internet of Things Technology – What is IoT and how can it be successfully employed?

The webinars will feature speakers from across CPI, and will broadly introduce the IoT, provide market information, and illustrate how CPI can enable companies to develop novel devices, hardware or smart labels through hybrid electronics. The series of webinars will also outline how companies can access CPI’s expertise, equipment and funding to innovate more rapidly.

For more information on the SONNET project, visit CPI’s website.

The webinar series will run from 3rd March to 7th April. Please visit the Smart Packaging, Applications of Internet of Things Technology and/or MedTech Devices pages to get more information and register for the webinars.


Sandy Gunn, Business Development Manager for CPI, said: “We are proud to be hosting such an exciting series of webinars as part of the SONNET project. Our experienced speakers will give excellent introductions to their fields and will be available to answer any questions attendees may have. It promises to be an interesting series.“

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