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Can you help? UOFG Asks for input into Online Survey Supporting their Science & Innovation Audit on Precision Medicine

The University of Glasgow is leading a Science & Innovation Audit (SIA) for Scotland, on behalf of BEIS, on Precision Medicine. Precision Medicine & Chronic Diseases is one of the University’s six ‘Research Beacons’, where Glasgow is driving international research excellence and delivering benefits for both patients and the Scottish economy.

As we approach the final weeks of the Audit, we want to gather input from as wide a range of stakeholders as possible via an online survey. The survey evidence will help us to demonstrate the opportunity to further develop Scotland’s Precision Medicine Ecosystem, and support economic development.

The survey link is at https://lnkd.in/gaqcKp4 and will only take 5-10 minutes of your time. Please do share with relevant colleagues in organisations and businesses from around Scotland, or with links to Scotland.

‌‌The SIA is an exciting opportunity which will allow us to showcase Scotland’s strengths in science and innovation as applied to Precision Medicine.

The opportunities from Precision Medicine will be relevant to a wide range of sectors including life sciences, medicine, informatics, diagnostics, engineering and enabling technologies.

We expect the SIA report to be influential in informing strategic decision making on national and sub-national innovation priorities and strengthening the business case for both private sector investment and public funding allocations. It is therefore important that through this SIA process we collectively develop a high quality SIA narrative and robust supporting evidence base.

Enquiries: ali.howard@glasgow.ac.uk or elizabeth.mcmeekin@glasgow.ac.uk // 0141 330 6557 or 0141 330 4831

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