An Updated Strategy for a Fast Growing sector

The new 2017 Life Sciences Strategy for Scotland – ‘2025 Vision’ aims to grow the industrial turnover of the life sciences sector to £8 billion.

Although ambitious, this target is achievable as shown by the impressive expansion of the sector since 2010. This strategy has been launched by Dave Tudor, VP of Primary Supply Chain at GSK and Chair of Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group (LSS – ILG).

The latest sector figures (2014 data), show that the sector employs over 37,000 people across some 700 organisations. Company turnover is in excess of £4.2 billion and gross value added (GVA) around £2 billion. Between 2010 and 2014 company turnover increased by 29%, gross value added by 24% and total employment in companies by 13%.

Scotland is already a leading global life sciences cluster and in the past few years Scotland has seen many positive developments, with a number of international companies looking to expand their presence here.

Approximately £300m has been invested over the past three years across the sector, by companies including Capsugel, GSK, Johnson Matthey, Piramal Healthcare, Quotient and ThermoFisher Scientific.


Working groups have been formed with the Life Sciences Scotland Industry Leadership Group and members of the broader life sciences community to plan and coordinate the delivery of agreed actions under each strategic priority.

Learn more about the strategy themes below.

The journey continues, and we invite you to join us.


Strategy graphic


Innovation and Commercialisation

Sustainable Production


Business Environment