US Life Sciences Company to Set Up Base in Glasgow Hospital

As part of a £10.5 million investment to life sciences, BioClavis have announced they will be creating a base in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. A research and development grant of £4.5million has been provided by Scottish Enterprise to the firm to work in collaboration with the NHS and university researchers. BioClavis is a spin-out from molecular profiling company BioSpyder. The grant money...

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Begins Phase II of Cancer Trial

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging announced the launch of its phase II European clinical cancer trial. The biotechnology company focuses on enabling image-guided therapy to patients with colorectal cancer (CRC). CRC is the third most common cancer with over 41,000 people in the UK being diagnosed every year. Edinburgh Molecular Imaging have developed an Optical Imaging Agent that can target cancer cells and light them up, making...

Development of African Sleeping Sickness Diagnostic Test

Universities of Dundee and Cambridge have developed a new diagnostic test for the African Sleeping Sickness disease. The disease causes thousands of deaths each year and is caused through parasites transmitted by tsetse flies in sub-Saharan Africa. The newly developed SD Bioline Hat 2.0 test requires no specialist equipment and costs just US $0.50 per test. To read the full article, click here.

Scientist Develop Camera That Can See Though Human Body

A camera has been developed which can see through human bodies. The device will provide a more cost efficient alternative to X-rays and other methods when tracking endoscopes during procedures. Advances in this area will allow for further development to be made in minimally invasive approaches to treating diseases. To read the full article, click here.