Chancellors Visit to Life Sciences in Dundee

Chancellor, Philip Hammond visited the University of Dundee to gain insight to the ‘world leading’ research that is being carried out in the School of Life Sciences. Dundee is the top university in the UK for biological science research and host of the Discovery Centre which is supported by the UK Government The Chancellors tour included a visit to the Drug Discovery Unity and the...

World’s Largest Inflammatory Disease Biobank

A £1.7million grant has been awarded to The University of Glasgow to create the world’s largest Immune Mediated Inflammatory Disease (IMID) Biobank. IMID are common medical conditions that cause pain, distress, loss of function and early death. The biobank will be used to create a ‘superhighway’ of information that can be analysed in order to apply a precision medicine approach to these health conditions. To...

Scottish Study Wins Award for ‘Low-Emission Cattle’ Research

A study in to breeding low emission cattle has been awarded the widely respected, PLOS Genetic prize. Working in collaboration, Scotland’s Rural College, The Roslin Institute and The University of Aberdeen studied the link between the genetic background of an animal, it’s diet and the composition of its microbial community. To read the full article, click here.

Lab-Grown Bone Cell Breakthrough

Developments in a technique known as ‘nanokicking’ allows scientist to grow 3D samples of mineralised bone in a lab. Currently surgeons can only harvest small amounts of living bone from the patient to use as a graft. The lab-grown bone can be implanted to the patient to repair or replace damaged sections of bone. To read the full article, click here.    

Scientist Develop Camera That Can See Though Human Body

A camera has been developed which can see through human bodies. The device will provide a more cost efficient alternative to X-rays and other methods when tracking endoscopes during procedures. Advances in this area will allow for further development to be made in minimally invasive approaches to treating diseases. To read the full article, click here.

The UK’s First Vertical Farm Opens in Dundee

Intelligent Growth Solutions and Omron have collaborated to create the UK’s first commercially viable vertical farm at the James Hutton Institute. The vertical farm will allow for the exact environmental conditions for optimal plant growth. This will provide a more cost efficient process for plant growth all year round and significantly reduce waste. Find out more about the vertical farm here.