Interface was set up in 2005 to provide a central hub that connects businesses from a huge variety of national and international industries to the county’s 23 universities and research institutes.

Its goal is simple: to facilitate joint ventures between academia and business and to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today the Interface team can help businesses develop new products, services and processes by putting them in touch with the most suitable academic expertise in Scotland. In addition to this they can also help business access a range of funding options to offset the cost of their project. You can find out more on their website, or by calling 0845 013 0536


University Technology

Scotland’s prestigious, world-class universities drive innovation and are experienced in the commercialisation of research and technology. University Technology was formed in 2004 by Scotland’s universities and this unique collaboration showcases new technology opportunities which are available from each of the 19 member universities. Our easy to use website provides a single location to enable companies and investors from business and industry to find these new and exciting technology transfer opportunities.

To find out more about University Technology, click here.