Scotland’s Life Sciences sector benefits from an abundance of innovation and world-leading research that has been translated into businesses and organisations with specific capabilities to serve the discovery and development of therapeutics, the creation of innovative healthcare solutions and the circular economy.

Furthermore, with an infrastructure of support to digitalise process and manufacturing, realise the potential of data and nurture the right skills and talent -  Scotland’s life sciences sector continues to over contribute to the world’s health and climate challenges.

Here we recognise the specific capabilities, projects and collaborations that add value to the global life sciences industry every day.

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Containing the biopharmaceutical industry in Scotland

Providing specialised high containment biopharmaceutical facilities to enable high potency and cytotoxic drugs to be handled during drug product development and manufacture here in Scotland. Capsugel’s facility in Livingston, Scotland (formerly Encap Drug Delivery) was founded in 1989 by a...

Innovation in anti-infectives

Innovation & “a very different way of thinking” is at the core of NovaBiotics & the reason for our success; combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by developing first-in-class new medicines for medically unmet, socioeconomically significant infections We specialise in unconventional ‘Smart...

Partnering to improve health outcomes

The industry facing activities of the Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside (AHSP) have driven an innovative relationship between the University of Dundee, Tayside Health Board and Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical technology companies, and brought them together under...

Snap40 – Patient Monitoring Device

Founder of Snap40,  Christopher McCann explains how 35% of in-hospital cardiac arrests happen due to stretched healthcare staff missing the early warning signs. The Snap40 device is worn by the patients and can continuously monitor a vast number of health...