Business Environment

Scotland will focus on a number of core aspects of the business environment that are critical to support the sector’s growth.


  • Develop Scotland’s Life Sciences infrastructure plan – To support the continued growth of the sector, we will map out the key infrastructure developments required, seeking appropriate investment for our ambitious plans. These could include scale up facilities, clean rooms, digital infrastructure, start-up and follow-on space to support growth.
  • Maintain a world class regulatory environment – We will continue to maintain our globally recognised regulatory standards to ensure Scottish products are of significant quality and continue to be globally competitive.
  • Support the delivery of the Life Sciences Skills Investment Plan – Our people are still our greatest asset and the Skills Investment Plan, developed in partnership with Skills Development Scotland, provides a framework to ensure continued supply of a highly skilled and educated workforce to meet the needs of the sector. We will continue to support the implementation of the current plan and the development of future plans as required by our dynamic sector.
  • Improve access to funding and investment – Scotland is only second to London in the UK for numbers of companies receiving venture finance 6. However, deal sizes are still smaller compared to competing regions in the UK. We will support Scottish companies helping them to engage with international investors to generate larger deal opportunities.